2008 Olympics

**Complete list of 2008 Olympic equestrian medal winners with links to daily recaps**


2008 Olympic Equestrian Events on DVD
Separate videos of each Olympic equestrian discipline will be available: eventing, show jumping, team dressage, and individual dressage with freestyles.


The 2008 Summer Olympics were held in Beijing on August 8-24. All equestrian events, however, were in Hong Kong in order to facilitate necessary quarantine protocols and due to superior equine facilities.

USA Olympic Equestrian Team News

USEF Selects 2008 US Olympic Dressage Team
Steffen Peters, Debbie McDonald, and Courtney King won the three spots for dressage riders on the 2008 Olympic team.

USEF Names 2008 US Olympic Show Jumping Team
Beezie Madden, McLain Ward, Laura Kraut, and Will Simpson will be traveling to Hong Kong to represent the US in show jumping.

USEF Names 2008 US Olympic Eventing Team
Five horse and rider teams have been selected to compete in 3-day eventing at the 2008 Olympic games.

Karen O’Connor Replaces Heidi White On US Olympic Eventing Team
Alternate Karen O’Connor and Mandiba replaced Heidi White after she withdrew for veterinary reasons with her horse Northern Spy.

Day 4: Gina Miles takes eventing individual silver.
Gina Miles won the first Olympic equestrian medal for the US after two great show jumping rounds.

US Show Jumping Team Clinches Olympic Gold!
After three consecutive clear rounds in a jump off with Canada, the US show jumpers clinched the team gold.

Beezie Madden and Authentic Win Individual Show Jumping Bronze
With two clear rounds and a gutsy jump-off ride, Beezie Madden won a seven-way jump off for the bronze medal.

Rider Profiles

Show Jumping (how Olympic show jumping works)

USA: Super Star Show Jumping Team Beezie Madden and Authenic Lead USET
Beezie Madden and Authentic are returning for their second consecutive Olympic Games after winning team gold four years ago in Athens. Profile, pictures, and video included.

USA: McLain Ward and Sapphire Aiming for Second Olympic Gold
McLain and Sapphire won team gold in Athens in 2004, now they’re back for a second chance to make history, a regular past-time of Ward’s.

USA: Laura Kraut and Cedric, a Talented Rider and Quirky Horse
While Laura Kraut is known for her great horsemanship and sportsmanship, her Olympic mount Cedric is known for being a little zany.

USA: Meet Will Simpson and Carlsson Von Dach
A true horseman, Will Simpson is making his Olympic debut in Hong Kong.

Dressage (how Olympic dressage works)

JAPAN: Dressage Rider Hiroshi Hoketsu Oldest 2008 Olympian
Retired pharmaceutical magnate Hiroshi Hoketsu returns to the Olympics at age 67. He was on the 1968 show jumping team and is returning 44 years later to compete in dressage.

USA: Steffen Peters and Ravel Lead 2008 US Olympic Dressage Team
1996 bronze medalist Steffen Peters returns to the Olympics with two mounts, Ravel and Lombardi II.

USA: Meet Olympic Dressage Team Debbie McDonald and Brentina
Debbie and Brentina have had an incredibly successful 14-year partnership, and are headed back for their second consecutive Olympic Games.

USA: Young Dressage Star Courtney King-Dye and Harmony’s Mythilus
Courtney King-Dye qualified for the US Olympic Equestrian Team with Harmony’s Mythilus and alternate Idocus. She’s worked hard to get to the top, and certainly deserves this Olympic debut.

Eventing (how eventing works)

USA: Phillip Dutton and Connaught At Top of US Olympic Event Team
The Australian native already has two Olympic gold medals for his home country; now that he’s a US citizen he’s hoping to bring home a third, this time for his adopted home.

USA: Becky Holder and Courageous Comet Of the US Olympic Event Team
Rider, trainer, and coach Becky Holder is headed to her first Olympics with off-the-track thoroughbred Courageous Comet.

USA: Karen O’Connor Back for 4th Olympics With Mandiba
Karen already has Olympic team silver and bronze to her name. Is this the year she’ll bring home a gold?

USA: Eventer Amy Tryon and Her Mountain Horse Poggio II
From firefighter to Olympian and mountain saddle horse to international event horse, Amy and Pogi have a colorful history to supplement their successful career.

USA: Gina Miles and McKinlaigh
Gina Miles knows what she wants — and how to get it. This includes flawless dressage tests, penalty-free cross country runs, and clear show jumping rounds with 17.2 hand gelding McKinlaigh.

Olympic Equestrian Discipline Formats and Rules

Equestrian Events at the 2008 Olympics
Brief overviews of the equestrian sports included in the summer Olympics: dressage, eventing, and show jumping.

How Olympic Dressage Works
Format and rules for Olympic dressage competition, including differences from FEI World Championships.

How Olympic Show Jumping Works
Format and rules for Olympic show jumping competition.

How Olympic Eventing Works
Format and rules for Olympic eventing and the three phases – dressage, cross-country, and show jumping.

Television and Online Streaming Schedules

2008 Olympics Equestrian TV Coverage on NBC
NBC and affiliate stations will air 3,600 hours of Olympic coverage on television as well as 2,000 hours of live online video streaming. Equestrian events will be covered on TV station Oxygen and online.

2008 Equestrian Olympic TV Schedule for Cleveland Area
Specific television schedules are available for your location and cable/satellite provider.

2008 Equestrian Olympic Online Video Streaming Schedule
Watch show jumping, dressage, and eventing online from NBC.

General Olympic Equestrian Coverage and News

Equestrian Facilities for 2008 Olympics in Hong Kong
All equestrian events will be held in Hong Kong at the Sha Tin sports facility and Beas River Golf Club. Overview of the locations and amenities.

Horses Sprout Wings To Get to Olympics In Hong Kong
Ok, not really. But there is a pretty involved process in place for flying the equine athletes overseas for the 2008 Olympic equestrian competition.

Show Your Support For The US Olympic Equestrian
Buy these super cool “Horses Inspire” bracelets from the USEF and show your support of our competitors. Proceeds benefit the US Olympic Committee and North American Junior and Young Riders Championship.

Countries Competing in 2008 Olympic Equestrian Events
42 nations have qualified to compete in Olympic dressage, eventing, and show jumping. Seven are participating in all three events.

Debbie McDonald Blogs Her Olympic Experience
Get an inside look at what it’s like to compete in the Olympics from this US dressage rider.

Tropical Storm Delays Olympic Horses
Tuesday, August 5 – 24 horses including several from US competitors have been delayed in Germany due to a tropical storm in Hong Kong.

What To Do With All That Poo At The Olympics?
Reuters shares what Hong Kong is doing with the 20-30 tons of horse manure that is being generated by the 200 horses in the country for the Olympic equestrian events.

Four Show Jumpers Disqualified For Doping
Riders from Ireland, Germany, Brazil, and Norway were disqualified when their horses tested positive for a banned substance. Norway may lose their team bronze over it.

Regarding Horses Owner/Writer Talks About Covering the Olympics
I was interviewed on the Stable Scoop Radio Show/Podcast about my experience covering the Olympics as a blogger. Go listen to it, and subscribe to this great podcast!

Positive Drug Test for Show Jumper Confirmed, Harmony’s Mythilus Also Positive For Banned Substance
Test B results are positive for the four horses who had capsacain in their system; they will have a hearing in September. Courtney King-Dye’s Harmony’s Mythilus also tests positive for an illegal substance.

Norway Loses Show Jumping Bronze Medal
Top scorer Tony Andre Hansen’s horse tested positive for a banned substance, disqualifying him and losing the bronze medal for the Norwegian team.

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