Beezie Madden and Authentic Are Jumping For Another Olympic Gold

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Already Olympic gold members, show jumper Beezie Madden and her horse Authentic are headed to Hong Kong for their second consecutive Olympic games. Their two clear rounds in Athens in 2004 helped rocket the US Olympic Show Jumping team to a gold medal. Now they’re back again, and jumping just as strong as ever.

Perfect Match

After wrapping up the Olympic trials in Europe, Beezie and her 13-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding claimed the top spot on the US show jumping team. A true superstar pairing, Beezie calls Authentic her very own “once in a lifetime horse.” She first met his when he was 4-years-old, and got ownership when he was 7. Authentic was originally owned by Elizabeth Busche Burke of the Anheiser Busch family. He’s affectionately known as “Bud” at home.

Growing Up With Horses

With parents who owned show horses, Beezie first climbed into a saddle at the tender age of 3, and got her first pony at 6. During her junior year of high school she juggled classwork and competing on the Florida show jumping circuit. After graduating as valedictorian from Southern Seminary, a junior college in Virginia, Beezie turned her life over to horses.

She met John Madden (brother of top equitation coach Frank Madden) in 1987 at a horse show. John was intrigued by her and approached her about coming to work for him. 11 years later they were married and running the business together; she rides and teaches and he trains and handles the operations.

Beezie Madden’s Show Jumping Career

Beezie made her Grand Prix debut in 1989 and just four years later was named United States Olympic Committee’s Female Equestrian Athlete of the Year. This prestigious honor was well-earned after Beezie led the USET to back-to-back Nations’ Cup wins at the Washington International Horse Show and at the National Horse Show, and by winning the American Gold Cup, the Grand Prix of Rochester, the Grand Prix de Penn National at Harrisburg and the Grandprix of New York at the National Horse Show in one year.

Two of her highest achievements are becoming the first woman and US rider to reach the Top Three in the Show Jumping World Ranking List (2004) and becoming the first woman to win over $1 million in show jumping earnings.

Beezie has anchored the USET in international competition over the last few years. She led the US to a decisive win in the 2005 Samsung Super League, and won the $1 million CN International at Spruce Meadows on Judgement andthe $200,000 American Invitational in Tampa, FL on Authentic. She and Authentic also had double clear rounds at the 2004 Olympics, contributing to the US team gold. At the 2006 World Equestrian Games, Beezie and Authentic had just one rail down, but won the individual silver medal and helped the USET to win a silver team medal.

Beezie is the first two-time winner of the prestigious USET Foundation Whitney Stone Cup, awarded for a distinguished record in international competition while also serving as an ambassador for equestrian sports.

Additional Tidbits

  • Born: November 20, 1963
  • Hometown: Mequon, WI
  • Residence: Cazennovia, NY
  • Olympics: 2004
  • Events: Show Jumping

Beezie and husband John sponsor the Syracuse Sporthorse Invitational benefit, which also includes the Animal Planet cup.

Beezie and Authentic Compete at Tampa in April, 2008

2008 Olympics, Show Jumping

12 Responses to “Beezie Madden and Authentic Are Jumping For Another Olympic Gold”

  1. Marge Martin says:

    Do you have the entire schedule for all equestrian for the olympics?
    Most of all do you have Beezie Madden’s olympic schedule?

  2. Emili Grant says:

    Hi my name is Emili…I have been riding for about 4 years and was training in jumping. When the 2004 Olympics came around I watched the Equestrian games for the Show Jumping and watched you. I wanted to know more, learn more. And I fell in love with your horse Authentic!! He’s amazing and you have an amazing bond between you two. I also loved the other horse you rode, Judgement.
    You’re my favorite show jumper. Thanks for supporting the USA!! And Good luck!!

  3. Brandee Bahnmiller says:

    Hi, my name is Brandee. i have been riding since i was 4 years old and about 41/2 years ago i watched a movie that was about english riding and i got interested. so i am entering my 5 year of lessons and when the show jumping came up during the olypics, my eyes were glued to the screen. when you and Authentic went clear the first time i was excited. i have been a fan of yours for about 5 years now. i am just getting ready to dressage and enter my very first 3day event. i ride a red roan appaloosa named Too Be Best (aka Toby)
    he is 7. i also do 4h and i am entering my second year of 4h. i also enter an open show in Great Falls, MT. thank you for supporting the USA!!!!!!!!!! Wishing you the best of luck in the Games!

  4. Tina says:

    I .ove your horse

  5. Hailey Kiser says:

    Hi Beezie! You are soooooooo…. awesome! I was wondering what breed is Authentic? You are my favorite olympian and show jumper! I also saw you in The 2009 Charlotte Jumper Classic on Creme Brule. You,Authentic, and Creme Brule are the best! I also used you for a Social Studies Project(Because you are so awesome, of course!) But I’m you’re, Authentic’s and Creme Brule’s #1 Fan!!! GO USA!!!

  6. maddie rich says:

    PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hi beezie i am a HUGE fan i have every photo, video, artical ever written, and more of u u are the reason i started riding i want to be just like u i recently bought a 16.2hh 2 year old mare named cha-cha and she is stil on the website at fall creek farm can u please look and tell me if u like her well i am going to ride in ur brother in laws clinic in november and was hoping u wud be there please please please come to that and i was wondering if you ever got nervous going up to a jump i started light riding well i first sat on a horse when i was 3 and my mom got me lessons at 6 and im 12 1/2 now so 6 years well any way please respond

  7. maddie rich says:

    and just one more thing i would move to your area if you would train me

  8. Brandee Bahnmiller says:

    Beezie Madden u r so awesome! i congratulate on your personal bronze at the Olympics and on team 1st! i am finally learning dressage and cross-country! i have actuality ridden on a cross-country course for practice but never in competition. i have competed in a show jumping and have had a great time! i am hoping to come to the rolex next year and i hope that you will be there! i would love to watch you and authentic compete! i have hopes that one day i will an olympian too! that is my ultimate goal and i know i can accomplish that! i am taking lessons from a professional rider and she says that i have great potential for an olympic eventer! i also want to own and operate my own horse ranch! my instructor has a pregnant mare and she doesn’t need the colt so she said that i could have her colt! the breeding is Tekehenner/thoroughbred/overlander. the colt’s mom is 17.2hh and it’s dad is 16.3hh. that is going to be one big horse! well good luck with your eventing career! hope you have a goof time!

  9. Brandee Bahnmiller says:

    by the way i was just curious what breed is Authentic? do you give riding lessons? and i would give almost anything to take a couple lessons from u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tradishon says:

    Beezie does not own Authentic, he is owned by Abigail Wexner. The Wexners purchased him in 2005.

  11. Kate Roberts says:

    Mrs. Madden,
    I just have to say I am a huge fan. Now I know that everyone says that, but they only say that because it’s true. And a lot of people say that if you were giving any lessons that thy would fly to the ends of the earth to get a lesson from you. But I don’t have that kind of money. I’ll I’m asking for is some tips.I have been riding for almost six years now and you are like my idol. I have to say that my dream is not to be just like you. But to be as great as you and others like you. I am twelve aand i just started at a new barn, Hazilwild Farm in VA. but i am jumping three feet now and plan to show in the spring. I don’t know if you have replyed to anyone who has written you, or if they ever get to you. But could really use some tips. None of my family members or friends ride so please if you get the chance could you e-mail me back. Thank you soo much.
    Kate Roberts

  12. Nancy Rardin says:

    Nothing makes me smile more than a great horse. Authentic
    is one great horse. He uses his back,knees, shoulders and backend
    the way all great horses do. Makes it look easy,great race horses just seem to gallop along eating up ground in bigger and bigger bites. Well Authentic does the same thing over fences.

    Wishing you only the best for the summer.
    Nancy Rardin

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