Correctly Apply A Standing Wrap Or Don’t Do It At All

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standing-wrapOne thing most experienced horse people will tell you is that you shouldn’t wrap your horse’s leg until you know what you are doing.

Whether it’s for support while working, to prevent swelling while standing in a stall, or to protect an injury, standing wraps should only be applied by knowledgeable, practiced hands. It’s important that you have somebody like a trainer or vet teach you, and that you practice practice before you even need to wrap your  horse’s leg for real.

I’m fortunate that I was taught well at an early age, because my horse Ace has required having his legs wrapped for all three reasons mentioned above.

He is currently on stall rest due to a suspensory branch injury (ultrasound tomorrow), and his back legs were “stocking up” (swelling) from the lack of movement. Getting out and walking is the best medicine to get rid of this type of swelling, but since he still has to be in most of the time the wraps have been a big help.

Here’s a great How To video on how to apply a standing bandage. It’s from HorseGirlTV, so if you are over the age of 13 just ignore the froofroo stuff (and the four minutes of mail and contest winners at the end). It’s otherwise a fantastic tutorial.

Keys To Applying A Successful Standing Wrap

Here are the things that are a MUST to keep in mind while wrapping your horse’s legs:

  1. wrap from the inside of your horse’s leg to the outside, and from front to back
  2. start the bandage in the middle, wrap down first, and then back up and finish at the top
  3. Be sure to overlap generously to ensure that the bandage stays in place
  4. Pull tight across the front, just be firm around the back
  5. DO NOT apply extra pressure as you go around the tendon in the back
  6. make sure your pillow wraps and outer standing wraps are smooth and unwrinkled
  7. Do not leave on for longer than 24  hours without removing and re-wrapping
  8. practice, practice, practice!

Any other tips, tricks, or hints …  or warnings?

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3 Responses to “Correctly Apply A Standing Wrap Or Don’t Do It At All”

  1. Colby Hansen says:

    Great video on standing wraps. Much more informative than you can find on youtube I think. Good post!

  2. OnTheBit says:

    I am so the queen of wrapping and my best advice is to find the wraps you feel comfortable with and stick with them. I prefer thinner quilts with knits and so I have many, many pairs of the same type of wrap in different colors. Having the same type of wrap made the feel very similar every time I wrapped which made it easier on me. I also have no bows, thick wraps, synthetics, etc but I found I had a harder time wrapping with anything that wasn’t what I liked. Good Luck with the ultra sound and I hope to hear good news soon.

  3. pallet wrap film says:

    My niece has asked her parents for a horse for Christmas as she’s been having riding lessons. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what she’s doing so how can I best tell them to get her trained in looking after an animal like this without seeming pushy?

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