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We never ever enjoy seeing one of our own hurt doing something we all love so much. I’ve gotten used to hearing about bad eventing accidents, but it came as more of a shock to hear of Courtney King-Dye’s fall several weeks ago. The dressage star and Olympian was riding a young horse when he tripped. She went down with him, hit her head, and has been in a coma since. Recovering from a head injury is a long process, and she continues to show small daily improvements.

It’s been wonderful to see the whole horse world coming together to elicit change in helmet-wearing practices (or lack thereof) and in fundraising to help Courtney and her family defray the costs of increasing medical bills. The world seems to get a little smaller in a good way when things like this happen.

From t-shirts on Etsy to ebay stores, there’s a current outpouring of support across the online equestrian industry.

One that I’m super excited about is an ebay store created by SUCCEED. They’re getting people to donate all kinds of great items, auctioning them off on ebay, and giving all the proceeds to Courtney.

There are several tubs of the SUCCEED digestive conditioning supplement, Jane Savoie DVDs, a SmartPak grooming kit, a Breyer figurine of Courtney’s horse Idocus, t-shirts, totes, and more. I desperately want to go shopping!

So, please, go check it out and do a little fun horsey shopping for a good cause. Or if you have an item you’d like to donate, leave a comment on SUCCEED’s Facebook page or email Lyndsey at

And for regular updates on Courtney’s progress, subscribe to my friend On The Bit’s blog. She’s one of Courtney’s biggest fans and is doing a great job keeping us all abreast of her progress.

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6 Responses to “Join The Equestrian World In Supporting Courtney King-Dye”

  1. enlightenedhorsemanship says:

    Great post. I am linking to you to spread the word.

  2. RhondaL says:

    I’ll link, too. I feel so bad for her. We forget the risks of riding or even just being around horses (of course, my husband never, ever forgets and reminds me as often as possible. 😉 )

    Plus, I’m heartened to see so many different disciplines coming together to help her and, if nothing else, send her good thoughts. I often see a lot of squabbling among horse groups and disciplines. Watching everyone come together is nice to see.

  3. Elektra says:

    Hi Everyone! You can find the ComeBackCourt tshirts and posters here:

    Thanks for spreading the word 😉

  4. equestrian boarding | Silverado Creek says:

    […] Join The Equestrian World In Supporting Courtney King-Dye … […]

  5. Michelle says:

    Very sad. I hadn’t heard about this, but thanks for posting and spreading the word. It sounds like she has a lot of fans and supporters pulling for her to get through this.


    […] Join The Equestrian World In Supporting Courtney King-Dye … […]

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