Let’s Write Our Version of the 2011 Budweiser Clydesdales Wild West Ads

Jan 27, 2011 8 Comments by

Ace and I are Steelers fans, so we of course enjoyed the general smackdown of the Jets last Sunday. Almost enjoyable as the outcome of the AFC Championship game was the teaser for the 2011 Budweiser Clydesdales Super Bowl commercial! And word on the street is that there will be three ads featuring our favorite draft horses in a wild west theme.

Here’s the sneak peak that popped up during Sunday’s game:

The thundering hoofs of the Clydesdales galloping across an arid plain, stagecoach, outlaw, and all makes me grin.

Our favorite crew of Clydesdales will be joined by actor Peter Storemare (most notable to me anyway for appearances on Prison Break and The Brothers Grimm). Here’s another sneak peak for the coming story …

These teasers have given me high hopes for this year’s Clydesdales Super Bowl ads.

Based on what you’ve seen in the teasers, what are your most creative guesses for the whole story line of the Wild West Clydesdales and their scruffy outlaw? Let’s write our own tale and see how close we can get!

And just for fun, here’s a short video about the making of this year’s commercials.

Horsin' Around

8 Responses to “Let’s Write Our Version of the 2011 Budweiser Clydesdales Wild West Ads”

  1. D'Ellen says:

    from what I saw this year’s commercial doesn’t seem all that hot, I do hope they don’t lower their standards for this Superbowl, I Only put the gane on to see the Clydes!!

  2. Onthebit says:

    LOVE the behind the scenes video! And how the ad people said the horses were so important. Yay!

  3. Dom says:

    The Clydesdale commercials make my life.

  4. Zach says:

    I remember the “Rocky training montage” commercial. Clydesdales and Rocky. How can you top that?

  5. Rhonda says:

    So thrilled the Clydesdales are back in top form. Last year’s commercial was a bit of a dud, but “meh” Clydesdales is better than no Clydesdales.

    Looks like they’re pulling the stage AND saddling up for a horse race? From the Santa Fe Trail to Saratoga??

  6. Chad says:

    Clydesdales are stupid

  7. Rhonda Lane says:

    What the — ? What happened???? Blink, and you’ll miss ’em.

    Ohhhh, I feel a blog post coming on … :(

  8. Carole M. says:

    Actually, I do have one very small question: how, on a beer wagon hauled by horses, does one obtain ice cubes to chill the beer?

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