Join the Horse World in Giving Back to Equestrian Flood and Tornado Victims

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I gotta say – I think I have a much greater fear of a disaster hitting the barn where Ace lives than of a disaster hitting my house. I can watch weather reports and hide in the basement if a tornado comes, and know I have the mental faculties to keep myself safe. But if a tornado were to hit the barn – who knows if my horse would be able to get out safely?

Stories of the utter devastation in the more western states due to flooding and tornadoes are heartbreaking. People have lost their lives. Others have lost their homes, their farms, their horses – ultimately their loves and their livelihoods.

It will be difficult for many to rebuild – not just emotionally but also financially.

So, I was more than on-board with the idea when Glenn from Horse Radio Network called me up about an idea to create an initiative called Horse World Gives Back to raise funds for disaster victims. In three days Glenn and his team (including me!) had a plan, a website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and plenty of support to make it happen.

Two major fundraisers will raise money to be donated to the American Red Cross and the US Disaster Equine Relief Fund of the Kentucky Horse Council:

  • Radiothon on Monday, June 6 from 6-9pm interviewing riders, disaster victims, safety officials, and more – and taking pledges of support
  • Retail Day on Tuesday June 7 in which participating retailers will donate 5% of the days sales to the chose charities.

Go check out the website, follow Facebook and Twitter (follow #horserelief), and spread the word to everyone you know about Horse World Gives Back. If you are a fellow blogger, please post on your website and consider carrying the Radiothon player. If you are a retailer, please consider participating in Retail Day. If you are a horse person of any sort – go shopping on Tuesday!

Here’s the official info:

Horse World Gives Back to Stage HRN Radiothon and Retail Day on June 6-7, 2011

The Horse Radio Network has announced the creation of Horse World Gives Back; a charitable initiative aimed at uniting the horse world in a fund raising drive that will benefit horses and horse owners affected by the recent flooding and tornadoes across the United States.

HRN will host a 3 hour LIVE broadcast on June 6, 2011, 6-9 pm Eastern as a fund raising effort called the Horse World Gives Back Radiothon followed by a Horse World Gives Back Retail Day on June 7, 2011. Participating retailers will give back 5% of the day’s sales to the charities that will direct the funds towards helping horse owners across the country whose horses have been affected by the devastating weather damage.

This relief aid is being channeled through the Kentucky Horse Council’s Equine Disaster Relief Fund and the Red Cross. HRN and its media partners are reaching out to equestrian and equine related organizations to become involved and unite the horse world in this nationwide effort.

HRN Hosts, Glenn, Jamie and Chris will be hosting the Live Broadcast on June 6th from the Red Cross Headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky which can be heard on the Horse World Gives Back website at and its many affiliate partners listed on the website, Guests will include horse people affected by the devastating weather that has displaced so many horses and their owners, Red Cross representatives, prominent riders and members of the horse community.

How you can get involved:

Website Owners and Associations: Help us promote the Radiothon and Retail Day through your email lists and social media. Plus, you can post the Radiothon Player on your website so people can listen to the show on your site. It is a simple embed code – get the embed code now.

Retailers: Please consider giving back and being part of this national fund raising event. Sign up to be a participating retailer for Horse World Gives Back Retail Day.

Wholesalers, Manufacturers and Horse Businesses: Please call the Radiothon and pledge your support.

Horse Owners World Wide: Tune into the Radiothon and donate what you can to help those in dire need. Plus, if you were planning on buying anything horsey in the next month, please make the purchase on June 7 at one of the participating retailers.

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