Regarding Horses Goes To Lexington: Helmet Safety Symposium

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Lexington, Kentucky has become my new favorite hot-spot – I’m headed there this weekend for the third time in less than a year for the 2nd Riders4Helmets Helmet Safety Symposium.

Organizer Lyndsey White invited me to come down and cover the event for the Riders4Helmets website. I’m absolutely thrilled for so many reasons. I’m a huge advocate of helmet wearing, I love Lyndsey, I get to stay with my buds Glenn and Jennifer (Horse Radio Network), Lexington is my favorite place on earth, and the lunch menu sounds amazing!

Do you think I should take my new Troxel Reliance helmet that I got on International Helmet Awareness Day and sport it during the symposium? I think I might just fit right in!

Here’s the full scoop on the symposium, including a list of topics and speakers. Let me know if you have any questions based on these and I’ll be sure to bring back answers if at all possible!

PS – If you are in the Lexington area, you can attend the Symposium free of charge! All details are at the Riders4Helmets website.

Helmet Safety Topics to be Discussed by Leading Equestrians and Representatives from Equestrian Organizations and Corporations.

The popular helmet awareness campaign Riders4Helmets will be hosting the 2nd Riders4Helmets Helmet Safety Symposium on July 23rd, 2011, at the Kentucky Horse Park (theater room), Lexington, KY, from 8.30am to 5pm. The symposium is being sponsored by Tipperary, Troxel Helmets, Charles Owen, Samshield, Ovation and Equestrian Professional.

The Helmet Safety Symposium has been organized to bring together representatives from various corners of the equestrian world to discuss the importance of wearing helmets, rider safety and to improve helmet designs, rules and more. The event will provide a series of lectures and panel discussions throughout the day. Many in attendance will also sit on the panels, including equestrians, representatives from the helmet safety testing authorities, helmet manufacturers, equestrian organizations, and neurosurgeons. The chairs of the meeting will be Dr. Craig Ferrell, physician to the United States Equestrian Team and Chair FEI Medical Council, and, Lyndsey White, co-founder Riders4Helmets.

“We are very excited to be hosting the 2nd Riders4Helmets Helmet Safety Symposium and to see it continue to expand,” said Lyndsey White, co-founder Riders4Helmets. “Since US Olympian Courtney King Dye’s accident in 2010, awareness of the importance of helmets has grown significantly and we are delighted to be bringing together individuals, corporations and organizations all in one place, to continue important discussions of equestrian safety related to helmets.”

Symposium topics will include the following:

  • Expect The Unexpected
  • A Parents Perspective On Helmets
  • Traumatic Brain Injury in Equestrian Sport
  • Helmet Use In Equestrian Sports – We Are ALL Role Models
  • A Strapping Success: Understanding and Promoting Helmet Use with Performance Psychology
  • Current Helmet Rules – A Discussion
  • Cowboy Hat To Cowboy Helmet: The Transition.

Speakers include: Equestrian Sports Psychology Consultant Tonya Johnston, Neurosurgeon Lola Chambless M.D, Barrel Racing and Extreme Mustang Makeover Competitor Mary Miller Jordan, USEF CEO John Long, and, a special video presentation by US Olympian Courtney King Dye. The full symposium agenda and speakers is available on the Riders4Helmets website.

A fashion show sponsored by Equisafety and Equestrian Collections will be held during the lunch break of the symposium. Models will wear items from the UK-based Equisafety high-viz apparel range, in addition to the Riders4Helmets logo wear collection available through equestrian retailer Equestrian Collections.

Attendance to the symposium is open to any member of the public, but individuals who plan to attend are requested to either pre-register in advance, or, will need to register upon arrival at the symposium..

You can also follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Riders4Helmets logo wear is available for purchase at Equestrian Collections with all proceeds supporting the campaign.

Riders4Helmets was founded in early 2010 after Olympic dressage rider Courtney King Dye was seriously injured in a riding accident. King Dye, who remained in a coma for a month following her accident, was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident and continues to undergo rehabilitation. The goal of the Riders4Helmets Campaign is to educate equestrians on the benefits of wearing a properly fitted and secured, certified helmet.


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  1. Becky says:

    I don’t understand riders who do not wear helmets. I’ve had plenty of falls in my time but 2 were very nasty bangs to the head and I dread to think what the outcome would have been if I hadn’t been wearing a helmet.

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