Advertising & Reviews

Regarding Horses is open to advertising, sponsorships, and product review requests from relevant equestrian businesses. With over a year and a half of exposure online, Regarding Horses has built up a strong audience within the online horse community. I have a loyal audience of over 400 subscribers, many regular readers and commentors, and high search engine visibility. Your company has a unique opportunity to reach a highly-targeted and highly-engaged audience of avid horse people.

Types of partnerships available include:


Ad banner spots are available for one month, three months, six months, or one year subscriptions. These include one 468×60 banner in the header, one 468×60 banner below posts, and multiple 125×125 buttons in the side bar.


I am open to including sponsored links and posts on relevant topics. It must be information that will interest my readers to be considered.

Product Reviews

If you wish to have a product reviewed, you must provide a sample for trial. It will not be returned.

Other Opportunities

I am open to discussing other options if you have any other creative ideas.

For more information, to make a request, or to purchase advertising, please contact Jackie.