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One Really Good Reason To Have a Mare

Jun 29, 2011 7 Comments by

Sheath Cleaning. That about sums it up. I feel like I’m about to introduce myself at an AA meeting: Hello, my name is Jackie. And until yesterday, I had never cleaned my gelding’s sheath. I know, I know. It’s an important part of every male horse’s regular care. But because I had never done it […]

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At Least He Didn’t Miss Me Too Much (and Tips for Leaving Your Horse at Home)

Jun 28, 2011 No Comments by

For about a week and a half the closest I got to an equine was the stick horses some friends of mine had for the Country Western theme night at the youth camp with which I was helping. The manufactured clip clop and neighing of the plush horses just didn’t quite do it for me […]

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Ace’s Tips for Developing The Perfect Warm Up Routine

Apr 20, 2011 6 Comments by

I’ve written it a million times (OK, at least three), but I’ll write it again: one of my favorite parts of being a horse owner is simply getting to know my horse. Besides the fact that simple discovery is enjoyable in itself, it also gives me lots of really good blog fodder. Today, it’s all […]

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My Best Tip for Keeping Horses Healthy: Give Them Time

Mar 29, 2011 7 Comments by

There are a lot of basics that horses need to be truly healthy: lots of turnout, constant access to hay or grass and water, exercise, de-worming, regular veterinary and teeth care. The list of practical how-to’s for good horse care can go on and on (and if that’s what you’re looking for here’s a basic […]

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Mystery Lameness Day 2 (Short-lived)

Mar 24, 2011 2 Comments by

Well, that was about as anti-climatic as it gets when you discover your horse is dead lame. I know, that’s a good thing! Stopped out to stick Ace on the longe line and see how he was moving, even took my camera so I could video him and show all of you – but there […]

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Mystery Lameness Day 1 (My Pets Are Against Me)

Mar 23, 2011 8 Comments by

Who needs kids when you have animals? They’re wonderful much of the time, but they all have moments where they give you some serious grief. I have three four-legged children with tails, and they have been conspiring to make me crazy this week. It all started with Luna and Rooney, my two cats. They are […]

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Horse Ownership Comes with the Responsibility to Get Educated

Mar 17, 2011 1 Comment by

Ace was ticked at me on Tuesday. I suppose he had good reason; he had his teeth floated earlier in the day. As much as I hate going to the dentist for a simple cleaning, I can imagine how unpleasant a giant drill in your mouth must be. But that’s horse ownership – doing what’s […]

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