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Protecting Horses In the Wild: Meet Spring Creek Basin Mustangs

Apr 02, 2008 6 Comments by

Through the global community of the internet, I have had the distinct pleasure of “meeting” TJ Holmes and learning more about the plight and lives of American horses in the wild. TJ grew up with horses. And since 2002, she has visited the wild mustangs living in the Spring Creek Basin of the Disappointment Valley […]

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Community Bands Together For Darren Chiacchia

Mar 28, 2008 6 Comments by

Recently I wrote about the importance of horseback riding safety following the serious accident of world-class eventer Darren Chiacchia. That was the first lesson we were reminded of by this unfortunate incident. But a second, encouraging lesson to take away is that we are part of a wonderful, caring community. Darren’s horse misstepped at the […]

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Therapeutic Horseback Riding As Autism Treatment

Mar 11, 2008 26 Comments by

Many of the students who ride at Pegasus Farm, a therapeutic horseback riding facility in northeast Ohio, are autistic. They are also some of our most challenging students. Actually, the handful of students I work with on a regular basis when I’m volunteering are autistic. Because of the nature of their disability, I think they […]

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My Therapeutic Riding Student Gets A Little Less Obstinate

Mar 05, 2008 5 Comments by

It was a pretty successful week for several of the students at the Pegasus Farm therapeutic riding facility where I volunteer every Monday.  The week started off with the rider/volunteer appreciation banquet on Sunday night. I discovered that several of our Monday night riders have been students at Pegasus for over 20 years! And this […]

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Trash Talking In The Blogosphere: Celebrate Our Differences

Feb 29, 2008 11 Comments by

While I really appreciate the “spotlight” given to me by Rising Rainbow in this trash-talking controversy that’s taken the horse blogging community by storm, I hope we can all focus on the issue at hand rather than the people surrounding it. In case you hadn’t seen it yet, there’s been a lot of talk going […]

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Real Horsemen and Women

Feb 26, 2008 18 Comments by

I unfortunately started my day by coming across a new horse blog whose writer is close-minded, ignorant, and rude. I’m not about to do it the favor of giving it a link so you can go check it out either. This blog is written by a woman who shows western in the AQHA. And she […]

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An Obstinate Therapeutic Riding Student

Feb 19, 2008 5 Comments by

T is one of our most difficult students in the Monday night therapeutic riding groups at Pegasus Farms. I talked about working with her a while ago in the Therapeutic Riding Chronicles. T is an adult student who has been riding at Pegasus for years. Randy, the Monday night instructor, told me that ages ago […]

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