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Karen O’Connor Back for 4th Olympics With Mandiba

Aug 04, 2008 1 Comment by

Her 2008 Olympic berth, the fourth in her career, will probably be a bittersweet one for US Olympic Eventer Karen O’Connor. A few months ago she was dreaming of riding the incredible pony Theodore O’Connor, who won two gold medals at the 2007 Pan-Am Games, in the Olympics. After a tragic accident on the farm, […]

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Meet Becky Holder and Comet Of the US Olympic Eventing Team

Jul 30, 2008 27 Comments by

It’s been a big year for Becky Holder; not only was she the runner-up at the highly prestigious Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, she’s headed to the 2008 Olympics to compete in eventing. I think she’ll be US rider I’m rooting for because she’s riding Courageous Comet, a gray off-the-track thoroughbred. And a handful of the […]

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Karen O’Connor Added to 2008 Olympic Event Team

Jul 29, 2008 3 Comments by

USA Today just announced that Karen O’Connor will be replacing Heidi White on the 2008 US Olympic eventing team. White withdrew her horse, Northern Spy, for veterinary reasons and alternate Karen O’Connor and Mandiba have officially joined the team. Karen O’Connor can almost be considered America’s eventing darling, as she already has Olympic bronze and […]

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Phillip Dutton And Connaught Lead US Olympic Event Team

Jul 22, 2008 4 Comments by

Two-time gold medalist Phillip Dutton is no stranger to the Olympics after representing his native Australia in three separate Games (not to mention four world championships). He gained his US citizenship in 2006 and this year will ride for the red, white, and blue. Phillip Dutton is arguably one of the most decorated international event […]

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Olympic Equestrian TV Coverage in the Cleveland Area

Jul 22, 2008 1 Comment by

NBC paid a massive amount of money to get sole rights for covering the Olympics, and has recently posted the stations and schedules on their Olympic website. Go to the NBC Olympics TV and Listings section of their website, input your zip code and cable/satellite provider, and get a specific Olympic TV schedule for your […]

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2008 US Olympic Eventing Team Named

Jul 16, 2008 5 Comments by

The USEF officially named their nominations for the 2008 Olympic equestrian team. Horse and rider teams headed to Hong Kong to compete in the three day eventing competition are: Phillip Dutton Age 44 Hometown West Grove, PA Horse Connaught Horse info age 15, Irish Sport Horse, Gelding Becky Holder Age 39 Hometown Mendota Heights, MN […]

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Equestrian Events at the 2008 Olympic Games

Jun 25, 2008 22 Comments by

Dressage, eventing, and show jumping were first incorporated into the Olympic games in 1900 and have been going strong ever since. For the first few decades, only military officers were allowed to compete in eventing, while civilians could saddle up for dressage and show jumping. Today, the top rider and horse pairs in the country […]

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