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6 Confessions of a Post Partum Horseback Rider

Mar 28, 2014 6 Comments by

Just like no one really volunteers information about the crazy things that happen in a labor and delivery room, no one gave me the heads up on what it was really going to be like getting back in the saddle after having a baby. Two years, two pregnancies, and two deliveries later, I’m still learning […]

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New Horse on the Block (Lessons on Moving Barns)

Jan 23, 2014 3 Comments by

Being owned by a horse is an endless adventure, by which I really mean it’s an endless exercise in worrying, second guessing, and always wondering if you are doing the right thing. For Ace and I, the last several months brought about one of our biggest challenges yet: moving. Did you know that the average […]

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Learn To “Reward The Try” When Teaching Your Horse New Skills

Sep 09, 2013 4 Comments by

Imagine you are teaching your horse a new skill, say a turn on the haunches. How many of you would require your horse to take at least 4-5 crossing steps in a row before considering the session a success? The me of five years ago is sitting here raising her hand. But the problem with […]

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The Top 5 Things I’ve Learned About Balancing Motherhood and Horses

Sep 20, 2012 18 Comments by

My baby was 5 months old last weekend. He plays and naps while I work full-time, sometimes from home sometimes in my office. My house is a mess, the dishes aren’t done, there’s laundry waiting to be folded (at least it’s clean, right?). I haven’t seen my horse in a week and a half. I’ve […]

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Back In the Saddle Post-Partum

May 10, 2012 6 Comments

It seems like just yesterday – and yet a lifetime ago at the same time – that I was lamenting the many months since I’d been able to ride a horse to protect my pregnancy. Back in the middle of March, T minus 6 weeks to due date, I was starting to wonder how long […]

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Whose Idea Was It To Share My Horse Anyway?

Nov 02, 2011 5 Comments

Ace and I officially have someone to half-lease him, and she’s going for her first solo ride tonight. I feel like a first-time mom putting her kid on the bus to school for the very first time (which I will be in just a few short years, too!). Whose idea was this? Oh, right. It […]

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The Mare is in Foal

Oct 28, 2011 15 Comments

It’s true, the mare is officially in foal. If you are a long-time reader and are confused by that statement because you know that my love Ace is a gelding and not a mare … … by mare I mean ME! My hubby and I are expecting a new member of our family – the […]

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