Olympic Dressage 101: A Tutorial for London 2012

Jun 28, 2012 7 Comments by

Dressage is an incredibly beautiful equestrian discipline – especially if you have some idea what you are seeing. French for “training,” dressage is often described as ballet on horseback. Here’s what you need to know about dressage in general and the Olympic format before the Games in London this summer What To Look For In […]

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Olympic Show Jumping 101: Get In the Know for London 2012

Jun 27, 2012 2 Comments by

Show jumping is by the far the most spectator-friendly of the Olympic Equestrian disciplines, and thus tends to be most well-known outside of equestrian circles. Curious about how show jumping works in general and the specific format for the upcoming Olympics? Here’s what you need to know about Olympic show jumping when you tune in […]

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Back In the Saddle Post-Partum

May 10, 2012 6 Comments by

It seems like just yesterday – and yet a lifetime ago at the same time – that I was lamenting the many months since I’d been able to ride a horse to protect my pregnancy. Back in the middle of March, T minus 6 weeks to due date, I was starting to wonder how long […]

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The Scoop on the 2012 Kentucky Derby Horses

May 02, 2012 3 Comments by

I’m a fan of thoroughbreds, a fan of major equine events that draw public attention, and a fan of watching these magnificent animals do what they love. Each year, the Kentucky Derby is the trifecta of all three. I love the horses, the silks, the singing of My Old Kentucky Home, the dresses, the hats, […]

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Introducing My New 2-Legged Baby

Apr 29, 2012 10 Comments by

Big brother Ace and I are very pleased to introduce the new 2-legged baby in our family: Isaac Paul. Isaac was born on Monday, April 16 at 2:00 in the afternoon. He was 19.5 inches long and 6 Ibs 12 oz. Labor and delivery went as well as it could (serious ouch!) and both Isaac […]

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Things You Should Enjoy at Equine Affaire 2012 For Me

Apr 12, 2012 3 Comments by

It a sunny morning to kick-off opening Thursday at Equine Affaire Ohio, and for the first time in years I’m sitting on my couch at work instead of in the bleachers in Voinovich to watch a clinic after an early morning commute from Canton to Columbus. But as much as I adore Equine Affaire, somehow […]

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The Homestretch or Soon To Be Back In The Saddle

Mar 16, 2012 14 Comments by

It has now been 22 weeks and 1 day since I’ve been on the back of a horse. That’s either just about 5 months or 155 days – whichever sounds more torturous. But tomorrow baby boy and I hit the 34th week of pregnancy, which puts our April 28 due date just 6 weeks away […]

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