Best of Horsey Crib Bedding for the Little Cowboy

Jan 24, 2012 3 Comments by

Have I mentioned that we’re having a little cowboy? Oops, I didn’t think so. I’m currently at 26 weeks, and at our 20-week Ultrasound (the one and only I get!), we saw not only an active, healthy little baby, but that … It’s a boy! Now that the official stuff is over, please lament with […]

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Thoroughbred Racing Eclipse Awards 101

Jan 19, 2012 1 Comment by

Growing up, I wore out enough books about great thoroughbred race horses to know that winning the “Horse of the Year” award was the pinnacle for these equine athletes. What I didn’t know about Secretariat winning Horse of the Year in 1972 and 1973 was that he was just the second (and third) horse to […]

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Adjusting to Life Without Riding

Jan 12, 2012 2 Comments by

It has now been 13 weeks – aka a good three months – since I have sat on a horse. I’m pretty sure I’ve gone through the five stages of grief and have finally landed at the end: Acceptance. Unfortunately, I think Ace is somewhere between #3 Bargaining and #4 Depression. Fortunately, he’s moved beyond […]

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Why I Chose to Stop Riding During My Pregnancy

Nov 29, 2011 31 Comments by

Even writing that phrase “stop riding” is a bit painful, now that it’s been a full six weeks since I’ve been on the back of the horse. After the cursory “How are you feeling?” (fine) and “Are you going to find out what it is?” (yes, if baby cooperates for us to see), the third […]

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Whose Idea Was It To Share My Horse Anyway?

Nov 02, 2011 5 Comments by

Ace and I officially have someone to half-lease him, and she’s going for her first solo ride tonight. I feel like a first-time mom putting her kid on the bus to school for the very first time (which I will be in just a few short years, too!). Whose idea was this? Oh, right. It […]

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The Mare is in Foal

Oct 28, 2011 15 Comments by

It’s true, the mare is officially in foal. If you are a long-time reader and are confused by that statement because you know that my love Ace is a gelding and not a mare … … by mare I mean ME! My hubby and I are expecting a new member of our family – the […]

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On Whoozits and Whatsits (Correction Tools) for Training Your Horse

Sep 26, 2011 15 Comments by

I’m no expert when it come to horse training – or even in all elements of riding for that matter. I’m your average horse woman who grew up in the saddle, taking lessons, and is now an adult noodling around with a horse of her own. I am however a reader, researcher, and listener and […]

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