On Whoozits and Whatsits (Correction Tools) for Training Your Horse

Sep 26, 2011 15 Comments by

I’m no expert when it come to horse training – or even in all elements of riding for that matter. I’m your average horse woman who grew up in the saddle, taking lessons, and is now an adult noodling around with a horse of her own. I am however a reader, researcher, and listener and […]

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Insect Bite Hypersensitivity in Horses (IE Mine)

Aug 16, 2011 17 Comments by

Does this sound like your horse? From TheHorse.com: “Insect bite hypersensitivity is the most common cause of pruritus (itchiness) in horses, affecting equids in almost all parts of the world,” van den Boom said in the study, adding that IBH is an allergic reaction to insect bites. Clinical signs include scratching and rubbing, excoriations (areas […]

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Ace’s Top Tip For Taking Dewormer Willingly

Jul 28, 2011 8 Comments by

I’m sure you’ve been there before … it’s that time again. Your horse knows something is up as you enter his stall. He’s always paranoid that something or someone is trying to get him, and he can tell by the shifty look in your eyes (your attempt to look natural with a tube of wormer […]

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Regarding Horses Goes To Lexington: Helmet Safety Symposium

Jul 19, 2011 1 Comment by

Lexington, Kentucky has become my new favorite hot-spot – I’m headed there this weekend for the third time in less than a year for the 2nd Riders4Helmets Helmet Safety Symposium. Organizer Lyndsey White invited me to come down and cover the event for the Riders4Helmets website. I’m absolutely thrilled for so many reasons. I’m a […]

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It’s All French: Realistic Expectations and High Standards for Horses Behavior

Jul 12, 2011 6 Comments by

We were stuck in the middle of the arena. Again. Ace had been mine for about a month. As an 8-year-old gelding who was out of practice but had obviously been handled well in his past and I knew had been ridden plenty in his early years, I expected that a simple walk under saddle […]

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London (and Horse Crazy Folk) Prepares for 2012 Olympic Equestrian Events

Jul 06, 2011 6 Comments by

It’s 387 days until the 2012 Olympics kick off in London – and I am officially pumped. The hey-day of my blogging experience began with my 2008 Olympics coverage and the tens of thousands of equine enthusiasts around the world who connected at Regarding Horses with our shared love. It continued with a once-in-a-lifetime experience […]

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One Really Good Reason To Have a Mare

Jun 29, 2011 7 Comments by

Sheath Cleaning. That about sums it up. I feel like I’m about to introduce myself at an AA meeting: Hello, my name is Jackie. And until yesterday, I had never cleaned my gelding’s sheath. I know, I know. It’s an important part of every male horse’s regular care. But because I had never done it […]

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